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Invent, Design, Engineer, Patent, Manufacture, Distribute – This is what Zadro has excelled at for thirty years!  With over 40 patents and several design and engineering awards under our belt, we have no plan of slowing down anytime soon.

Over the years, Zadro has been the first to introduce multiple technologies into the market.  The invention of the Z100, the first fogless mirror on the market, put Zadro on the map and opened up an entire new market category.  This defined Zadro and set us on the path to success.  But in light of this success, it did not take long for Zlatko Zadro, President of Zadro Products, Inc. to see an opportunity in the personal care category and made the decision to expand beyond mirrors.  A need for more innovative health and wellness products was clear and thus Zadro, Inc. was born.  This company offers a broad array of product solutions; everything from Personal Relaxation Technology to specialized Visual Enhancement Solutions.

The innovative ideas from Zadro Products, Inc. and Zadro, Inc. are still alive and thriving today.  Zadro continually releases new products and consistently pushes the limit with fresh, new innovative designs.  Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, Zadro Products, Inc. manufactures over sixty products in the USA.  Taking initiatives like, Made in the USA, allows us to continue to flourish in the marketplace. Gaining placement in more retailers and e-tailors daily, while investing in cutting edge technology to support our initiatives, Zadro Products, Inc. looks to have a prosperous future yet ahead.

Zadro Products, Inc. continually seeks to advance sustainability in its products. Product innovation and design excellence continually allow Zadro to meet consumer needs worldwide.