Choosing the Right Magnification

Zadro carries mirrors of all sizes and magnifications so it’s important to make sure you are purchasing the mirror that will serve your needs best. We've created this handy chart to give you an idea of just how much your reflection will be magnified based on the magnification you choose. While magnification is often a personal preference, the chart above should help you choose the optimal magnification that is best for your usage.

1X to 5X Magnification

A full view of your face. Perfect for hairstyling, cosmetics, and every beauty need in between.


7X to 10X Magnification

A detail view perfect for everything from touch-ups to more precise make-up application.


12X to 20X Magnification

Extreme close-up high detail view for eye makeup application, blemish treatment, tweezing, or other high detail work such as applying contacts.