Top 5 Back to School Beauty Essentials

Back to school is the perfect reason to revamp our style. No matter what age or grade you are, back to school season marks the start of fall and winter preparation. Give your beauty routine a mid-year update with these essentials that will get your student (or yourself) ahead of thei class. 


A compact mirror that can be taken in a handbag or larger backpack is perfect for quick touch-ups or for seeing zoomed in detail using a spot mirror with magnification


For times when you need to transition from a day to night look, or if you need to put on a full face of makeup while you’re on the road, an LED lighted travel mirror with dual magnification is the ultimate sidekick. Make sure to choose one that can stand up on its own on a table, as well as sit comfortably in your hand, so that you can have the best view of your application.


For small dorm rooms or tight vanity space, a makeup mirror with a compact design that still packs a punch is a must-have for busy morning routines. Pick a makeup mirror with some extra style like rose gold and clear acrylic accents


An oversized makeup mirror lets you see your full face and hair (even if your hair is long), so that you can get ready anywhere. Beat the crowded shared bathrooms with a large dual magnification makeup mirror and get ready in any other part of your abode. 


When you need to get organized and get ready, a super bright dual magnification makeup mirror lets you see every detail even in dark dorm rooms and apartments.