How To Choose the Best Makeup Mirror

Choosing the best makeup mirror is crucial for your daily beauty routine so that you can always put your best face forward. Like choosing makeup, brushes or hair tools, a beauty mirror can make or break your total look. Without being able to clearly see the details you need, perfectly applying eyeshadow, blending foundation or groom your eyebrows, a dimly light or distorted vanity mirror will hurt more than help your routine.

With so many features and options to choose from with your beauty mirror, it’s important to determine the best mirror for your needs. Here are 5 easy steps to choosing the best makeup mirror for you.



When choosing the perfect beauty mirror, first consider the size of your space. Do you have a small vanity table or a large bathroom countertop? The size of the space you’re working with will ultimately determine the size of mirror that you need. For wall mounted mirrors, think about if the mirror has an extendable arm so that your bathroom has enough space as it goes away from the wall when in use.



Are you looking for a mirror that can mount onto the wall of your bathroom? Or are you planning to make your at-home office desk into a makeup station, too? Narrowing down the options depending on your space’s needs will help further narrow down the options. When shopping for a tabletop mirror, remember to take into account the height of the mirror, since table and chair height will also influence your mirror decision as those factors play into how high the mirror will sit on the table.



Makeup mirrors now come in a range of magnifications depending on your needs, with many being dual-sided where you get 2 magnifications by rotating between each sides of the mirror head. If you need to see just a little more close up for winged eyeliner, choose a 5X magnification. If you have trouble applying contact lenses, try a stronger 10X. Or to get every single eyebrow hair, opt for a powerful 15X magnification or higher.



Choosing a lighted mirror is very dependant on the environment that the mirror will be used in. If you have a perfectly lit space where lighting isn’t an issue, a non-lighted beauty mirror might be all you need. However, if your space is dim, choose a vanity or wall mount mirror that has a bright ring light made of LED bulbs. Depending on the mirror, some have different lighting temperatures (cool, neutral or warm tones), and the best makeup mirror for you will be dependant on if you need or prefer a certain color of lighting. When in doubt, purchase a mirror that has florescent lighting that’s similar to daylight as it’s the most natural-looking light that mimics that of the sun.



And finally, a beauty mirror is also a beautiful home decor piece in itself. Mirrors come in many colors and finishes, such as on-trend rose gold, luxurious oil rubbed bronze, modern chrome, or sophisticated satin nickel. Choose a mirror that will complement the style of your room or home so that it becomes the perfect decor accessory to accent your space.