How to Give Yourself an Easy At-Home Makeover

No matter if it’s a new year, new season, there’s a big event that you want to try a new look for, or you simply want to shake up your style a little, giving yourself an at-home makeover can be easy and fun. DIY makeovers let you experiment with your look while having low commitment. Test drive new hair, makeup and fashion styles with our simple 5 steps to give yourself an easy at-home makeover.  


Step 1: Look for Inspiration

Know where to start with your new look by looking for inspiration online. Go through Pinterest for ideas, check out what celebrities are currently wearing, and flip through magazines for what editors are recommending. Then gather different ideas that you like and narrow down the options. Looking for inspiration is the easiest way to visualize what style you want to try.


Step 2: Hair

If you’re brave enough, try a DIY haircut or color at home. Or opt for a new hair style without major commitment by trying out waves, curls, or an at-home blow out with a round brush. The easiest way to update your hairstyle is to switch the part of your hair, as the part will frame your face differently. Practice new hair styles in a large glamour beauty mirror that’s big enough so you can see your entire head, especially if you are using a flat iron or curling iron.  


Step 3: Makeup

The best part about makeup is that you can try many different looks and simply wash it off. Challenge yourself to create a different makeup look everyday for a few days, using the inspiration you found as a guide. The easiest makeup switch to do is your foundation (either increasing or decreasing the coverage you normally do), then switch your lip color, and finally eyeshadow (as eye makeup requires a little more time and practice). Use a lighted magnified vanity mirror so that you can clearly see your reflection when you’re practicing new makeup looks.


Step 4: Outfit

The final makeover element is your outfit. Clothes can make you feel like a different person, so take extra time to research different fashion styles that will suit you personal taste and life. Once you find a style you love, go shopping and buy just 1 outfit to test how you feel when wearing this new look. Then build a wardrobe over time of staple pieces in this style and you will be wearing a new fashion look that reflects the new you.


Step 5: The Big Reveal

Take all the elements of your at-home makeover and decide on a special day or event to reveal your new look. Whether it’s dinner with friends or a date night, mark your calendar to do a real-life test drive of your makeover. This will give you a deadline to work towards to get your makeover done, as well as see if you’re comfortable in your new look. Make sure to bring your new lipstick and a lighted travel makeup mirror in your handbag so you can do touch-up’s on the go.