15 Purse Essentials for Every Woman

You’ve got your keys, id, cash and phone- you’re all set to go… or are you?

We wish it was that simple, but the truth is that our purses play a huge part in what make us superwoman in the eyes of those around us, right? Playing the superwoman role (that we all do) requires having the right add-ons tagging along with us day to day. It’s easy for the contents of our purses to get a little overwhelming from time to time, and we’re definitely no stranger to the horrors of reaching into our bag to find lipstick only to realize we have to fight through the loose receipts, a random tampon, and maybe even some random stray hairs at one point- YUCK. Instead of spending your time battling those tragedies, we encourage you to switch gears and simply be prepared to slay the everyday dragons we face in the world with these 15 essentials that are sure to save the day.

    • Did you know your lips have no sebaceous glands, which means that they cannot make their own oils to keep moisturized? They also have no melanin which means no natural defense from the sun. Chapstick or lip balm is absolutely an everyday must-have. We recommend the Curious Apothecary Matcha Mint Lip Balm, it's packed with argan oil, green tea and peppermint oil for moisturization. It also doesn't hurt that it's vegan and comes in some very cute packaging. 
  • 2. SPF
    • Aside from preventing wrinkles and skin discoloration, a good SPF is essential for protection against harmful rays that cause skin cancer. It’s 2017, listen to your mom and the experts and have your go-to SPF on hand at all times. Your face will thank you in 2027, 2037 and beyond.
    • Everyone has days where they’re feeling not so fresh. Nothing can boost your confidence quite like a spritz of your signature scent. PSA- for out of the house application, we recommend a roll on version to avoid giving your neighbor a sneeze attack.We absolutely adore the timeless blend of peony & musk in the Elizabeth and James Nirvana White perfume.
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    • The best way to keep your face looking its best throughout the day is to make sure you keep up your routine touch ups. Obviously a mirror is a no brainer for any woman to keep with her 24/7. The new Zadro Ultimate compact is a sleek and compact choice that won’t take up much space & packs a big punch. Not only can you use it’s 1x and 10x magnifications to really capture even the slightest detail, it also comes with professional makeup artist quality LED lighting to brighten your face in even the darkest environment. What’s even cooler is that it has a patented swivel mechanism that will keep the light locked on when you need it and keep it off and save you from wasting the battery when you don’t. Again, this is a purse essentials no brainer.
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    • What’s worse than stepping into natural lighting and discovering a stray hair where it DOES NOT belong? We dare to say, nothing is worse. Keep your tweezers with you every time you leave the house to nip pesky hairs in the bud. Tweezers are also great for removing pet hair from clothes, tightening loose screws on your glasses or even extracting a splinter.
    • You’re halfway through your day when you find that one stray strand in your perfectly coiffed updo, DON’T PANIC. Always keep a handful of bobby pins handy for just this occasion. Have a popped zipper? It’s bound to happen from time to time- grab a bobby pin and thread it into the broken part of the zipper and you’ve got a great fix to get you through the rest of your day.
    • Whether you need to tailor that one piece of your wardrobe that you love but doesn’t fit quite right, quickly fix a drawstring, or stop static cling, safety pins tote a nearly endless list of uses. At least once a month we find a reason to need a safety pin, and at least once a month, we can NEVER find them. Toss a handful of these babies in your bag with your bobby pins and you won’t regret it.
  • 8. HAIR TIES
    • The most common girl talk question we’ve heard over the years is, “Can I borrow a hair tie?” Don’t be that girl who snaps hers and has to awkwardly ask a stranger in the bathroom and don’t you DARE think about picking up that random one you’ve spotted on the floor. Keep one, no, several of these bad boys in your bag at all times.
    • If you’re anything like us, it’s not always the easiest feat to keep your blouse clean from stains. Coffee, tacos, barbeque sauce and ice cream alike are all our best friends and yet they often betray us by ever so cheekily finding their way on to our clothes. Don’t let these treacheries ruin your day, keep a stain reliever with you; we love the tide to go stick.
    • Whether it’s to stave off that impending headache after a night of too much fun at happy hour with your coworkers, or to give to your girl who is battling some major cramps, these bad boys are a must-have for every woman’s bag.
    • Whatever you do, never get caught running late and have your phone die on you. At bare minimum, make sure you keep a spare cord with you. Double points if you include a wall plug or car plug and triple if you get your hands on a portable charger like the cute pink, white and gold one from ban.do pictured above. Don’t forget this essential and you’ll always be a winner.
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  • 12. A NOTEPAD
    • Sure, you’re probably pretty capable of keeping your notes in your phone. But there’s nothing quite like the reinforcing power of pressing the pen to paper to remind of you the things you need to get done in your life. Although for some it may seem needless, making lists and putting things in writing is proven to help in the pursuit of achievement. Be the best you, every day, and bring a notepad with you for your lists. Our personal favorite is the "Happy Notes" pocket notes from Graphique De France.
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    • Whether you’re attending a business meeting, or chatting at the bar, personal space invasions can and will happen. Be prepared, and have a mint handy to keep your breath fresh as common courtesy, or to offer up to your coffee mouthed space invasion perp.
    • Those super helpful lists we were talking about earlier? You’re going to need a pen to write those down. So ditch the hotel pen you snagged on your last vaca and opt for a more luxurious option like the one pictured above. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep your favorite pen with you, ALWAYS. After all, you never know when you’re going to need to leave a love note or sign a fat check.
    • You never know when you’re going to need to:
      • 1.drown out the sound of a crying baby on your commute
      • 2.catch up on your favorite podcast
      • 3. require some pumping up from your favorite jams...

      Basically, headphones are your friend, use them wisely.

In conclusion, ladies, a prepared woman is a strong woman, a powerful woman and a beautiful woman. Always strive to put your best foot forward every day, and let these tips and products help you to do so.