Padma Lakshmi Makeup Tutorial with Zadro, M.A.C. and BYRDIE

Zadro mirrors are no stranger to ending up in the hands of Celebrities and their respective MUA's! The gorgeous and talented Padma Lakshmi has always been outspoken about her love of her Zadro Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror. Whether she's using it to stay fresh while she's jetsetting around the world for photoshoots and volunteering opportunities, to doing personal touch ups on the go or on set at Top Chef, Padma loves the bright lighting in the Zadro Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror.

Want to learn from Padma, how to go from day to night in her latest tutorial with BYRDIE? You'll see she loves using her Zadro mirror to compliment all the gorgeous products from her new line with M.A.C. Cosmetics!

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