Top 5 Fall Beauty Bucket List

Having a seasonal bucket list of activities you wish to do is an easy way to have fun throughout the year. But have you tried a beauty bucket list of the seasonal trends and transitions? As the weather gets colder, try our top 5 Fall beauty bucket list ideas to get your makeup, skin and hair prepped for the season ahead. 

Defined Brows

Cold months means brows can go a little darker and bolder. Try a defined brow look by first tweezing only the stray hairs to give a fluffier effect, then define the shape with a brow pomade for a more striking look. Use a lighted magnifying mirror that lets you see every brow hair and carve out a killer brow. 

At-Home Spa

If you’re living in a climate that rains, snows or storms during the later part of the year, your heater or fireplace is probably turned up. Use a luxury towel warmer to heat your towels, robes and PJ’s for after you get out of the shower or bath. If you live in an exceptionally cold place, use the towel warmer to take the edge off of cold clothes and socks in the morning too. 

Bold Lips and Eyes

Makeup lover rejoice during the cooler months because it means bold lips and smokey eyes. The key is to have a naturally flawless complexion using your favorite medium to high coverage foundation, a few sweeps of bronzer to keep the warmth on the face, then finish with a bold lip or a smokey eyeshadow look. An oversized LED lighted makeup mirror with various colored lighting settings shows lets you create color-correct makeup looks every time.

Layered Skincare 

Our skin gets drier as the temperature drops. So if you live in an extremely cold climate, you’re in a space that blasts the heater, or in a higher elevation with drier air, it’s a non-negotiable that you put extra effort into your skincare routine to make sure your skin stays healthy and comfortable. Layering your skincare products is the easiest way to beat cold climate skin dryness, no matter if you have combination or acne prone skin. Create a new morning and evening skincare routine with an LED lighted rechargeable vanity mirror that lets you be comfortable at your vanity or bathroom counter.