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  • Front View - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)
  • Extended View - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)
  • Side Extended View - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)
  • Product Callouts - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)
Oblique View - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)
  • Extended View - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)
  • Oblique Extended View - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)
  • Side Extended View - Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X) (SW35/SW37/SW45/SW47/SW35HW/SW37HW/SW45HW/SW47HW)

Surround Light™ Wall Mount Mirror (5X or 7X)

Model: SW35/SW37/SW45/SW35HW/SW37HW


Boldly accommodating.

Looking our best requires reflecting the best. Doing your hair and makeup has never been easier.

Zadro's 5X Surround Light™ Wall Mirror features optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self. The 5X and 7X magnifications are great for viewing up close in detail while still allowing you to see your entire face. Its dual-jointed arm extends up to 12” for ergonomic positioning and easy viewing.

Surround Light™ technology amplifies light across the entire mirror face for an even light dispersion and shadow-free reflection. The super-bright fluorescent light recreates the effects of natural sunlight for a softer, more refreshing glow.


  • SURROUND LIGHT™ Technology Amplifies Light Evenly Across the Entire Mirror Face
  • Reproduces the Effects of Natural Sunlight
  • Mirror Head Pivots for Optimal Viewing
  • Dual-Jointed Arm Extends up to 12”
  • Optical Quality Glass
  • 7X or 5X Magnifications Available
  • Available in Chrome or Satin Nickel Finish
  • Polarized wall plug or hardwire ready (CHOOSE BELOW)
  • CA Proposition 65 compliance warning
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  1. BEST Lighted Mirror on the market!  star rating

    Posted by PAG on 28th Dec 2015

    I own (2) wall plug units and decided to order a hard-wired unit for the bathroom renovation. I've had the opportunity to try other models & brands of lighted magnifying mirrors in hotels & in homes of friends & family and they do not compare. The light is a bright white, not yellow, and makes it easy to see what you're doing when looking at your 7X reflection.
    The perfect lighting & magnification and well made! I highly recommend this product.

  2. A big improvement to an already fine product.  star rating

    Posted by Bill Taylor, Sherman Oaks, CA on 28th Jul 2015

    I had a previous version of the Zadro SW 35 installed in my master bath. After daily service for nearly 11 years, the ball socket that connected the mirror body to the folding arm broke and could not be repaired. Still the best illuminated magnifying mirror around, so I bought a new one.

    When I got the new mirror, I was delighted to see that the small ball socket has been replaced with a robust double-articulated hinge the same size as the other hinges in the arm! (See the illustration on the product page.) Not only has a potential weak point has been eliminated, the range of adjustment is now greater than it was with the previous scheme.

    So pleased to see this product still American made and so significantly improved!

  • Patented Design Amplifies Light across the Entire Mirror Face
  • Even Light Dispersion at Any Angle, Glare Free and Fog-Free
  • 100-Watt Fluorescent, 10,000 Hour, Long Life Bulb
  • Product Dimensions: 11” H x 9½” W x 5” D Base Plate 4.5"
  • Dual Arm design, Extends and Pivots 12”
  • Optical Quality Glass Mirror
  • On/Off Switch on Base
  • Mirror Dimensions:
    • Mirror Head: 9½"
    • Mirror Surface: 7”
  • 7X or 5X Magnifications Available
  • Wall Mountable


Polarized Wall Plug - Click Here to view instructions

Hardwire Ready - Click Here to view instructions

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Light Settings:
5X or 7X
Mirror Head Size:
9.25" x 9.25
Reflective Surface Size:
7.25" x 7.25"
Product Dimensions:
9.5" x 5" x 11"
Extended/Collapsed Size:
9.5" x" x 21"
Additional Features:
Power Source:
Corded - Electric or Hardwire Ready
Chrome or Satin Nickel