Oblique View 1 - Luma Step-N-Shave with Silicone Mounting (LUM02)
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Zadro Products, Inc.

Luma Step-N-Shave with Silicone Mounting

$24.99 $18.74

Zadro's Luma Step-N-Shave is perfect for getting that smooth shave without the hassle of missing any spots. There’s no need for awkward kneeling and bending in your bathroom shower anymore, the Luma Step-N-Shave easily mounts to the wall via...

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Adjustable Shower Mirror


Conveniently classy. The perfect shave requires the perfect conditions. Dermatologists recommend shaving, cleansing, and exfoliating your skin in the shower. The hot water and steam allows your hair and skin to soften so that the razor can shave more...

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