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3 Easy Warm Weather Party Makeup Looks

28th Aug 2019

3 Easy Warm Weather Party Makeup Looks

Summer is one of those seasons where the celebrations are kicked into high gear. Between Labor Day, summer weddings, or family vacation, looking your best can be a challenge with the warm weather. You want to feel put together with as little makeup as possible so you feel comfortable without feeling like you’re wearing a mask. Here are our 3 easy warm weather party makeup looks so you can keep it simple in the heat. 


With BBQ’s typically being outdoors, a tinted moisturizer with high SPF is going to be essential. Instead of a heavy foundation, use a tinted moisturizer for light coverage with an SPF of at least 30 or higher. You’ll probably be wearing sunglasses for an outdoor BBQ, so skip the eye makeup, fill in your brows if needed, and concentrate on wearing a lip gloss that can be easily reapplied between snacks. Carry a small spot mirror in your handbag for quick discreet touch-ups.


For beach days, cream instead of powder makeup will be your friend. If you plan to touch-up your makeup to go from the beach to sunset drinks, it’s easier to re-apply cream makeup than it is with powder makeup that can look cakey. Opt for a tinted sunscreen (which has even less coverage than a tinted moisturizer) that is also easier to reapply and layer on coverage throughout the day. A tinted lip balm with SPF gives a little bit of color to the face without having to deal with a lipstick or gloss (and still protects your lips from getting sunburned). Pack a lighted compact travel mirror so you can make an easy transition from your beach day to night look.


Summer is perfect for outdoor dinner parties with friends. Regardless of if you’re the hostess or the guest of the dinner, your makeup should feel done without being overdone. A medium coverage foundation, mascara, blush and a lipstick of choice is the perfect simple yet quick makeup look to help you feel put together without taking hours to get ready. You can go full coverage on your foundation for a more done-up look (especially if your dinner party is at a restaurant). A lighted vanity mirror with dual magnification lets you see all the details and blend makeup to perfection.