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3-Steps to Achieve a Flawless No-Makeup Makeup Look

29th Jan 2019

3-Steps to Achieve a Flawless No-Makeup Makeup Look



Whether you’re low maintenance, low on time, or simply low on energy, mastering the “no makeup” makeup look is a necessary skill set. Daily life, running errands or occasions when less makeup is more appropriate (such as football games, the beach or backyard BBQ’s) means knowing how to quickly achieve a flawless no-makeup makeup look is key to getting out the door and on with your life. Here is our simple 3-step guide to creating a makeup look that you will feel confident in without using a lot of makeup.


Tinted moisturizer or BB cream is your best friend for a no-makeup look. Contrary to popular belief, these non-foundation products can give you the perfect everyday light to medium coverage depending on the formula while still looking like skin. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are also massive time savers for your morning beauty routine because they act as a 4-in-1 product being your face moisturizer, skincare, sunscreen and natural-looking coverage. Easily and quickly blend with your fingertips and use a bright wall mount mirror in your bathroom during the morning for flawless application. Adding extra layers to the parts of your face that might need more coverage will help you skip heavy concealer. Plus, if you forgo the face powder (or only powder on your nose or areas where you get oily), then tinted moisturizer and BB cream acts as a natural glowing highlighter so you can skip yet another makeup product.



If you only had 30 seconds to get out the door and you can only do a 1-step face, choose your eyelashes. Whether it be mascara, false lashes or eyelash extensions, the look of big and fluffy eyelashes make you look wide awake, your eyes appear bigger, and you instantly look more put together in a natural way. Your face shape will also change with your lashes done because it’s adding emphasis to that part of your face (which re-balances your features). Use a lighted vanity makeup mirror with a 5X or 10X magnification to see up close while you’re applying mascara so you can coat every single lash. Or if you’re comfortable applying false lashes, use a 10X magnification mirror to clearly see your lash line in order to apply the false lash as close to the root of the lashes as possible for a natural look.



If you’ve been blessed with naturally long eyelashes, skip the above lash step and simply do your complexion and lips. A natural-toned rose or mauve lip color will keep the warmth of your face without making you look washed out like how some beige-nude lip colors do. Or if you’re feeling extra Parisian, swipe on a red lipstick for a chic and bold statement lip that doesn’t look overdone when paired with your glowing no-makeup complexion. Make sure that your bright lip is always perfect by carrying a lighted magnified travel mirror in your handbag for easy on-the-go touch ups.