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5 Hacks for Melt-Proof Makeup

20th Sep 2018

5 Hacks for Melt-Proof Makeup



End of summer still means it’s hot outside. Most are still experiencing heat wave-like weather, which means your makeup routine needs to adjust for extra longevity. When the temperatures rise, it’s important to swap out some daily stand-by’s and replace them with products that can take the heat. Here are 5 hacks for melt-proof makeup so you can beat the last bit of summer heat.

SPF with Zinc Oxide

SPF all year long is important. But when you need your makeup to last and you also need sun protection at the same time, opt for an SPF that’s zinc oxide-based. The zinc acts as a physical barrier on top of the skin which is the SPF component, but this barrier also makes a smooth canvas for makeup to sit on top of the skin and last longer throughout the heat.


Waterproof Eye Makeup

Switching to waterproof eye makeup is essential when it’s a heat wave outside. This means waterproof eyeliner and mascara to help prevent racoon eyes. Make sure to use a lighted magnifying mirror when doing eye makeup looks or eyebrow tweezing so you can see all the details for precision work.


Mattifying Primers

For oily skin types, a mattifying primer is your best friend for melt-proof makeup. Mattifying primers dry down once applied and act as a magnet for any foundation you apply on top to help reduce shine and sweat from peeking through. Apply a mattifying primer with clean fingers, wait 2 minutes for the primer to set, then apply the rest of your makeup.


Setting Powder

After applying cream and liquid products like foundation or concealer, using a setting powder on top helps seal in the makeup for extra long wear. A setting powder is especially important if your makeup is prone to creasing. After application, use a lighted magnifying mirror so you clearly see any patchy areas, and use a damp makeup sponge to gently pat in the setting powder. This will take away any dry-looking areas on the skin and helps keep the powder the place.


Makeup Setting Spray

To seal the deal, spritz on a setting spray after you’re done with makeup application. Dry skin types can use a hydrating setting spray to lock makeup in place without overly drying the skin, while oily skin types should choose a mattifying spray instead.

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