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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence

4th Mar 2019

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence



It’s easy to feel less than confident with the images we see on TV and the seemingly perfect posts on social media. Your level of confidence is the belief in your own ability and qualities, which comes to play in everyday life including work, school and communication with others. Confidence is both an inner and outer game, where we can make both subtle mindset shifts as well as tweaks to our look and style to boost our confidence. Have fun with creating positive everyday shifts using these 5 simple ways to boost your confidence.

Celebrate Every Small Success

You don’t have to break out the champagne, but giving yourself a quick pat on the back for small everyday victories helps to increase your levels of self-confidence. Took out the trash today when you didn’t feel like it? Acknowledge that you did a good job at keeping your house clean. Any feelings of success, no matter what the size of the actual accomplishment, helps reinforce a positive mindset and increase levels of confidence.

Daily Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is a priority, especially if you are have responsibilities to take care of others such as family and kids. Since we can’t take care of others to the best of our ability if we’re running on empty, self-care becomes crucial. Having a daily self-care routine such as eating healthy foods, having a grooming routine and exercising instills confidence because lower feelings of personal well-being is linked to your level of confidence (1). Jump start your morning with a beauty ritual using the best beauty mirrors so you can feel confident with every look and style you do.

Stop Comparing

Comparing our lifestyle, looks, wealth, careers and cars is easy to do thanks to social media and celebrity gossip on the internet. But comparison also fuels envy which decreases our self-confidence. Perceiving other people being “better than” you will eat away at your confidence, when we know that the photos posted online are often a glamorized version of their life.

Give Yourself a Makeover

Nothing beat an at-home makeover for an immediate confidence booster. If you’ve been neglecting your hair and makeup routine lately, jump start a fresh new look with a DIY makeover to boost your confidence. Tackle the world with a makeup spruce-up using a lighted magnified mirror for a flawless finish. A new lipstick or parting your hair differently can help envlien your look in a snap.



Learn Something New

Learning something new, everyday or weekly, can help boost confidence. Learning and understanding new topics and ideas helps expand your personal or professional growth, while at the same time the instilling confidence that you can achieve what you set your mind to. And it doesn’t matter what you’re learning, it could be as complicated as a foreign language, or a hobby like learning to cook French pastries.