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Best Beauty Hacks for Summer Weddings

17th Jul 2019

Best Beauty Hacks for Summer Weddings

Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest, summer weddings are beautiful but also typically very hot. And when you have any special occasion in the heat (particularly outdoors and possibly in humidity), the last thing you want is a makeup meltdown or hair style falling flat. Here are our top 5 best beauty hacks to survive summer weddings. 


Priming and setting makeup through layering these kinds of products is essential to long-lasting makeup. Face primer underneath foundation, eyeshadow primer, lip primer, and makeup setting spray will help create a bulletproof makeup look in the heat and humidity. Use a lighted magnifying makeup mirror when applying multiple layers of makeup products so you can blend everything to perfection.


Pick as many waterproof makeup formulas as possible. It’s not just mascara that comes in a waterproof version. Be on the lookout for other waterproof products like liquid lipsticks, foundation, eyeliner (liquid, gel and pencil), eyeshadow, eyebrow, and even waterproof blush, bronzer and lip liner. Their application will last through tears, hugs, heat and sweat.


Carry a small makeup bag with a mini makeup kit for any surprise tears or makeup smudges throughout the ceremony and after party. Make sure your kit includes a compact lighted travel mirror, blotting papers, lip product, concealer, cream blush (apply with your fingertips so no makeup brushes required), and mini setting spray. 


If possible, get a professional blowout the day before or day-of the wedding. Having a salon do the shampoo washing and blowout will give the hair cuticle a smooth finish that will also last through summer heat and humidity, particularly if your hair needs volume. If you’re the bride or part of the bridal party, getting a blowout done before your hired hairstylist does the wedding style will give your hair the base shape it needs in order to keep up with the festivities.


If you’re the bride or part of the bridal party, having an on-site makeup artist and hair stylist during the entire celebration becomes your glam squad. A makeup artist and hair stylist that you hire will be on continuous lookout to make sure that your style is intact and picture perfect during the entire length of the festivities, even in a heatwave. They come in handy for touch-ups if a professional photographer is hired to take a lot of pictures of the wedding.