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Biggest Spring 2019 Nail Trends

15th Apr 2019



Want the secret to always looking put together? It’s not just having great hair or a full face of makeup. Having your nails done can instantly add a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit. And since doing your nails isn’t a daily occurance (unlike hair and makeup), you can cut down on your everyday beauty routine simply by having your nails done. Here are 5 of the biggest nail trends of Spring 2019 to keep your nails in tip-top shape.


For a flash of fancy, try metallics on your nails. If you typically don’t wear much jewelry, you can load up on the metal through shiny metallic foil, gold or silver nail polish, or duochrome nail looks.


Clean & Classic

Minimalism is a trend across all categories including fashion, beauty, home and even food. Now our nails can come back to clean and classic beige, neutrals, and also red shades (red nails are considered classic).


Neutral Graphic Art

Graphic nail art doesn’t have to look like Picasso did your manicure. A fresh and modern take on graphic nail art for spring uses white and neutral beige colors instead of bold or black polish. Simply draw straight lines or blocks on your nails for this trend. Use a bright LED desk lamp to clearly see your manicure so you can precisely apply the nail polish.



Glitter is year round, as evident by this big spring nail trend. A fresh take is doing a light coat of glitter on a solid nail polish so that you only see a few specks. If you’re a maximalist, try the full-on galaxy glitter trend in shades of blue and black.



For the more experienced nail enthusiasts, try patterned nail art. The two biggest trends of the season are gingham and zebra. Done on each nail, patterns can make a bold statement on their own so pair with a simple outfit so the nails make the statement. Carefully paint the patterns using a floor standing magnifier with LED lights so you can see every detail of your manicure.