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HOME REMODELING 101: Easy Bathroom Upgrades with Wall Mount Mirrors

12th Jun 2020

HOME REMODELING 101: Easy Bathroom Upgrades with Wall Mount Mirrors

Want to upgrade your home but don't know where to start? Home remodeling can be both fun and challenging, and can lead to an easier everyday routine and more functional space. A bathroom remodel in particular can elevate your morning and night routine, making it a much more enjoyable experience to start and end your day. Wall mount makeup mirrors are a must-have that you’ll use almost every time in your bathroom, and investing in the right wall mount mirror can help you create your best looks as well as speed up your routines.

Here’s our ultimate guide to everything you need to know on how to choose the best wall mount beauty mirror to fit your needs.


Wall mount makeup mirrors come in many colors, materials, and finishes, so choosing one that will best fit with your decor can be difficult. Here are some easy ways to choose a wall mount mirror to best suit your bathroom style.

Zadro Satin Nickel Wall Mount Mirror Zadro Polished Nickel Wall Mount Mirror

Satin Nickel

A Satin Nickel finish is a brushed demi-matte silver that’s also fingerprint-resistant. This is the ultimate classic finish that complements any decor theme and color palette, and the easiest to wipe clean. If you can’t choose a color or finish for your wall mount mirror, we always suggest Satin Nickel.


Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel is a shiny warm-toned silver that can be easily styled with neutral to warm-toned bathroom decor like farmhouse, bohemian, coastal, or country.

Zadro Chrome Wall Mount Mirror Zadro Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Mirror


Chrome is a high shine cool-tone silver that works well with any modern or contemporary bathroom design due to chrome’s inherently sleek look.


Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil-Rubbed Bronze is a deep matte bronze color that’s also fingerprint-resistant. For those who want a wall mount mirror that’s a standout piece, Oil-Rubbed Bronze complements a vast array of bathroom styles including French country, mid-century modern, and industrial.



Depending on your budget and bathroom decor goals, choosing a power source is key for the final look of your wall mount mirror and the additional features of the mirror.

Battery-Powered Wall Mount Mirrors

Wall mount mirrors that are battery-powered are a cordless style and can be placed anywhere without needing a nearby electric outlet. Since this is a completely cordless wall mount mirror style, place it on any wall, or even the door of a cabinet, on a boat, or inside an RV.

Wall Mount Mirrors with AC Adapter

Wall mount mirrors powered with an AC adapter need a nearby electric outlet to plug the mirror into. These types of mirrors typically need more power than a battery-powered mirror due to additional features such as ultra-bright lighting output.

Hardwire Wall Mount Mirrors

Hardwire wall mount mirrors need installation into the wall by a professional electrician because these mirrors connect directly to your home's internal electrical wiring. Since these mirrors are permanently affixed to the wall with a hardwire connection, the electrical wires are completely hidden behind the mirror and out of sight. Hardwire wall mount mirrors are great for feature-heavy mirrors that need a constant electrical power supply, but you want a totally clean look without any messy wires. Our Glamour Wall Mount Mirror Hardwire version is the perfect wall mount mirror for beauty enthusiasts and morning routines with its oversized mirror head and bright lighting.


Glamour Wall Mount Mirror 5X/1X - Model# GLAW45HW

Choosing a lighted or non-lighted wall mount mirror depends on your bathroom setup, how much natural light comes into the bathroom during the day, and how much light output any other installed lighting fixtures give off. Some prefer non-lighted mirrors for their space because non-lighted mirrors are typically smaller than average lighted mirrors, making non-lighted mirrors an ideal choice for small bathrooms. However, it comes down to your space, how much lighting is already available, and your individual needs for your beauty and grooming experience.

Lighted Wall Mount Mirrors

Choose a lighted wall mount mirror if you need extra lighting for tasks like makeup application, or to see small details during eyebrow tweezing or false eyelash application. Lighted wall mount mirrors are also ideal if you need to use a stronger mirror magnification so that you can clearly see when using a zoomed-in view.

Non-Lighted Wall Mount Mirrors

A non-lighted wall mount mirror is ideal for bathrooms that get a lot of natural sunlight during the day, and also have ample light from installed lighting fixtures including overhead lights. If you plan to only use the wall mount mirror during the daytime and there’s enough natural light in the bathroom, then a non-lighted wall mount mirror can be the easy upgrade you need. Our dual-sided wall mount mirror with 5X/1X magnification is great for both men and women with its compact design.

DOUBLE VISION™ Two-Sided Dual-Arm Wall Mount Mirror 5X/1X - Model# OVW45

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