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How To Keep the Glow All Year Long




Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean we have to give up our glow. As the cooler autumn weather turns into the cold winter chill, keeping our skin glowing and radiant is possible with a few skincare and makeup tricks. Here are five top tips on how to keep an illuminated complexion until New Years.

Face Serums

Face serums and oil is the foundation for a healthy skincare routine. They’re especially crucial for cooler seasons when our skin is drier and can appear dull and uneven. A face serum gives an extra shot of vitamins and nutrients as it penetrates the skin’s surface deeper than a moisturizer. Serums are also key to keep your skin looking fresh and fine lines at bay.



As the natural tan of summer starts to fade, we tend to go a shade or two lighter on our foundation. But we dare you to keep your summer foundation color even into the fall and winter months. This keeps your warm complexion without having to reach for a self-tanner. Make sure to apply the foundation down your neck as well so that the color is seamless throughout. The easiest application is with a damp makeup sponge while looking into a lighted makeup mirror so that you see exactly where you need to blend out the foundation for a flawless finish.



Being a bronzed goddess isn’t confined to the summer months either. Just like using your summer foundation shade in cooler temperatures, the key to using bronzer during sweater weather is to blend the foundation both on your face and down your neck. For the most natural glow, apply bronzer to your forehead, temples, cheekbones, across your nose and on your chin. These areas are where the sun would naturally hit and tan your skin, giving you a realistic vacation glow.



Highlighter is the holy grail of glowing skin. Apply liberally for a strong sunshine glow on the highpoints of the face such as cheekbones, nose and chin, or opt for a sheer layer just on the tops of the cheeks for a subtle flash of radiance. Make sure that your highlighter is well blended so that the glow looks natural by using a lighted magnifying mirror where you can see close-up if your highlighter needs more blending.


Facial Mist

For dry skin types or when your skin feels dry in fall and winter, use a hydrating facial mist and spray liberally after all of your makeup is applied. Facial mists will not only impart a healthy radiance to the skin but they also help further blend your makeup to take away any excess powder.


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