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How-To Pack Only a Carry-On Bag for Easy Travel




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Travel is always hectic no matter what time of year. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the journey is easier when we pack efficiently. When the idea of running through airports make you nervous, simplify your travel plans with packing only carry-on luggage.


Packing for a 5-day trip with only carry-on’s is achievable when you have a packing game plan. The key is to utilize the space you’re allowed and shrinking your belongings down to the bare essentials. Remember that items like extra toiletries, shampoo and even plain t-shirts can be easily purchased at your destination point when you arrive, saving you space in your carry-on luggage for more hard-to-find products.


To make your travel plans even easier, we’ve created a FREE Ultimate Carry-On Packing Checklist as a downloadable PDF that you can print out at home, where we show you how to streamline your clothing and beauty routine so you can still look your best during your trip while still traveling light.


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