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Minimalist Must-Have Winter Beauty Essentials



Simplifying our everyday routine is the fastest way to get more done. That’s why a minimalist winter beauty routine is perfect for saving time during the busy season so you can concentrate on experiencing life’s best moments. And sometimes our beauty routines can become bigger and more complicated, so simplifying the daily grooming steps give not just more time back but also more peace of mind. Here’s must-have minimalist winter beauty essentials for face, body and hair so you can focus on having only the best tools to get the job done.

Face Exfoliator

The dry winter weather makes our skin feel extra dehydrated. But in addition to increasing the moisture, using a face exfoliator at least once a week (or more depending on your skin type) is crucial to keeping your skin soft. Skincare works best on fresh skin, so exfoliating dead skin cells off of the surface of the skin lets the skincare products penetrate deeper under the surface.


Cream Makeup

Swap your powder blushes and foundations for creamier formulas to keep a fresh glow to your makeup, as well as keep the moisture on your face. Cream makeup is as easy to apply as powders. Use a synthetic hair makeup brush to pick up cream blush, bronzer or foundation, then buff or dab onto the skin. Use a lighted mirror with magnification to make sure you’re blending the makeup seamlessly.


Body Butter

Swap your light body lotion for body butter to keep your skin soft from head to toe. If you have severely dry skin during winter, try mixing a body serum with a body butter for extra moisture. Don’t forget about hands and feet as they get extra dry during the cold months.


Extra Bright Makeup Mirror

An extra bright makeup mirror is a beauty essential no matter what the season, but it’s especially important to use during the winter when the gloomy dark weather doesn’t create enough natural light to properly apply makeup. See extra fine details close up for eye makeup application or contact lenses by choosing a mirror that also features higher magnification.


Hair Serum

If you have dry or textured hair, a hair serum will inject the shine and moisture back in during the dry weather months. Use a hair serum on damp hair before blow drying and heat styling to let the serum sink into the hair. If your hair is extra dry, use the serum again after styling.



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