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Simple 3-Step At-Home Spa Routine

7th Oct 2020

Simple 3-Step At-Home Spa Routine

It’s more important now more than any other time in our lives to have a stress-relieving at-home spa routine that you can fall back on when you need to reset and relax. A routine that you know will provide immediate relief, and that you can do anytime from the comfort and familiarity of your own bathroom, without needing a professional spa appointment.

Here’s a simple at-home spa routine where you can do all steps in a single pampering session, or you can choose to only do a few for a quick hit of self-care.

Zadro ultra large luxuty towel warmer TWB01


Whether you can take a long bath at home, or even a long shower, warm water helps to relieve muscle tension quickly (especially if you tend to tighten up from stress). Afterward, don’t leave to grab a cold towel to dry yourself off. Instead, this oversized towel warmer heats up 2 large bath towels in only 15 minutes so that you have freshly warm towels to further your relaxation. A towel warmer doesn’t have to be reserved for your at-home spa days either, it can be used every time you take a shower or bath (or when you want to heat up almost any fabric like a robe, throw blanket, PJ’s, sweater, or socks).

Zadro Lexington Sunlight Vanity Mirror SLVRLT410


Next, we focus on skincare. While pores are still opened from the steam of your bath or shower, apply a face mask right after getting out so that the ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin (and thus achieving better results). Doing DIY pore extractions is also possible without going to a facialist when using a mirror that has a powerful 10X magnification or higher, plus ultra-bright lighting, like the LEXINGTON Sunlight Vanity Mirror with LED lighting that illuminates with a natural sunlight effect.

Zadro Aromatherpay Personal Oxygen Bar OXY03


The phrase “catch your breath” quite literally helps you relax. There’s a reason why both yoga and meditation incorporate deep breathing into their practices since intentional breathing helps oxygenate the body’s cells and signals the body to lower its stress response. But you don’t need to sit in a lotus position in a studio to reap the benefits of intaking more air, using a convenient Aromatherapy Personal Oxygen Bar is the perfect at-home option. The Oxygen Bar uses 4 filters to create highly-purified air of up to 90% oxygen concentration (for reference, normal air at sea level has an average of 21% oxygen concentration). Use the Oxygen Bar while relaxing at the end of your at-home spa routine to help you unwind even further, especially if you choose to read a book, listen to music, or other activities that help you relax.


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