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Best Skincare Routine for Dry Skin




Dry skin can feel like an endless search for the most moisturizing products available. Quenching the thirst of dry skin can be achieved with a simple daily skincare routine that can not only hydrate but also soften the appearance of fine lines, clean pores and even make the skin appear more even toned. Having radiant, glowing skin is easy with this step-by-step guide to the best skincare routine for dry skin, no matter what your age or how dry the weather is outside.


Face cleanser is often overlooked because it’s the one product that sits on the skin for the least amount of time and then we wash it down the sink. But the wrong cleanser for dry skin can further exaggerate the issue, plus you can develop blemishes and dry patches. Skip the cleansers that are formulated for oily skin which are too drying (anything marked as “oil-free” is targeted for oily skin), or cleansers that are a gel or foam which typically dries the skin even more. Opt for labels that say buzzwords like “gentle” and “sensitive skin.” For extremely dry skin, try an oil cleanser, which are formulated to rinse clean and unclog pores while keeping maximum hydration. Or go for a lightweight cleansing milk which is still moisturizing and great for those who have combination/dry skin types.


Contrary to popular misconception, if you have extremely dry skin or skin that tends to flake and peel, try a gentle daily exfoliator that’s built into a face cleanser. Or use a regular face exfoliator every other day. As long as the exfoliator doesn’t burn your skin or cause redness, you can exfoliate more than the once-per-week rule of thumb to maintain a clear and smooth complexion. Use a lighted magnified mirror both before and after you exfoliate so you can better target the parts of your face that have rough patches or are flaking and peeling, then gently use the exfoliator in circular motions on those problem areas.


A toner should be used for every skin type as long as it’s the right formula. Use a toner that’s specifically for dry or sensitive skin, as those won’t contain ingredients that are too harsh or strong. Using a toner meant for acne or combination types can overly dry the skin. A toner on a cotton pad (not cotton ball) is also a great way to get off any makeup residue that a makeup remover or face cleanser didn’t clean off, as well as act as a super light exfoliation step.


Treatment Face Serum

A treatment serum is specifically formulated for an end result, whether it’s to reduce acne or lighten dark spots. For dry skin types, rotating between a vitamin C and retinol every night will help to brighten dull skin, soften the appearance of fine lines, unclog pores, eliminate dry patches and act as a light daily exfoliator to keep a smooth skin texture. Gently pat the serum all over the face, concentrating on any problem areas such as dry skin patches or flaking and peeling areas by using a powerful magnifying mirror with built-in light so you can clearly see what areas to target around the face.


Moisturizing Face Serum

Unlike a treatment face serum that targets specific skin goals, a moisturizing face serum does the sole purpose of keeping the hydration levels of the skin. Try a face serum made of all-natural and organic ingredients, as those tend to be extremely hydrating and can penetrate the skin deeper than face moisturizers.


Eye Cream

Eye cream may seem like an unnecessary (and expensive) step. But the truth about eye cream is that the formulas are typically more results-driven and are created specifically to target fine lines around the delicate eye area. Choose a cream formula, instead of an eye cream in gel form, for maximum hydration.   


Face Moisturizer

Seal all the skincare in place with a face moisturizer in cream form. Moisturizers are typically formulated to sit on top of the skin to act as a barrier, which is why if your face still feels dry with a moisturizer then it might not be enough hydration. If this is the case, use a moisturizing face serum first and then seal the deal with a moisturizer on top.



Face sunscreen is a non-negotiable last step to every morning skincare routine, everyday of the year (even if it’s raining outside or you’re staying indoors all day). The UV rays from the sun (as well as ambient sunlight from windows) is the #1 cause of premature aging and further damage which can also lead to dry skin texture. The easiest way to use sunscreen daily is to choose a face moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher, making for a two-in-one product that saves time in the morning. Or go for a triple threat BB cream or tinted moisturizer that is a moisturizer, SPF and light coverage all in one product to further shorten the time of your beauty routine.

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