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Top 5 Makeup Tips for Dry or Mature Skin

16th Jan 2019

Top 5 Makeup Tips for Dry or Mature Skin


If your skin is dry or mature, then it doesn’t matter what season or weather it is because your skin is still dehydrated. Whether your skin is naturally dry, or if your skin is getting drier with time, it’s difficult to apply and blend makeup on top of a dry canvas to create that flawless finish you’re looking for. Here are our top 5 makeup tips so you can create any beauty look no matter how dry the weather (or your skin) really is.

Extra Exfoliation

Over time, dry skin can lead to rough patches on the face (not to mention fine lines and wrinkles). Extra exfoliation is needed on a consistent basis to slough off the top dead layer of skin. Besides your makeup applying smoothly over freshly exfoliated skin, exfoliation also helps make any skincare you apply on top of makeup penetrate deeper into the skin. This means you’ll get more benefits from your skincare routine when all the moisturizers and serums are able to sink into the skin properly.

Face Serum

Face serums are the secret weapon for dry and mature skin. Face serums are formulated to deeply hydrate the skin and go deeper past the surface, unlike moisturizers that are usually created as a “sealer” to seal in all the skincare that is layered underneath. Use a face serum after cleansing the skin, prior to moisturizer and sunscreen. Extra credit if you mix a few drops of face serum into a liquid foundation, which will give you a dewy hydrated makeup finish. If you mix a serum and foundation, use a lighted magnified mirror to blend the concoction with a damp makeup sponge to make sure you are thoroughly blending the makeup onto your skin.

Dewy Foundation Finish

If mixing a face serum and liquid foundation will only elongate your morning makeup routine, opt for a dewy finish foundation instead. A dewy finish foundation already has built-in moisturizers into the formula so that you don’t have to pretend you’re a chemist. Simply apply the foundation in sheer layers until your desired coverage is achieved.

Be Light on the Powder

Face powders such as translucent setting powder or foundation powder will quickly make the skin look chalky and dry. If the powder is too mattifying for your skin, it can leave every fine line in plain sight, too. Use a light hand when applying face powder, and use a powerful magnifying mirror with at least a 5X magnification so you can make sure your dry skin isn’t being accentuated. Or only powder on the areas of the face that you know gets oily, such as the nose or forehead, and skip applying powder on the rest of the face. You can also stick with cream makeup and skip the powder all together.

Moisturizing Setting Spray

A moisturizing setting spray that is lightly misted on top of your finished makeup look will give both hydration and a glowing finish. If you love using powder makeup and can’t get cream makeup to work for you, using a hydrating setting spray as your last makeup step will instantly make the powder makeup have a radiant, glowing finish. You can also use any hydrating face toner from your skincare collection as a glowing makeup setting spray as well. Just be sure that the toner doesn’t contain too many oil ingredients, otherwise your makeup might not last throughout the day.