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Top 5 Tips for Summer Vacation Makeup

22nd May 2019


As the weather warms up and summer vacation season starts, our makeup and beauty routine also needs a switch with the weather. It’s not just about transitioning to summer colors, but also the makeup application, using quick and easy techniques, and the types of products for melt and sweat-proof makeup during the hot summer months. Whether you’re on vacation, lounging by the pool or running through airports, here are our top five tips for summer vacation makeup.


Take your normal routine and cut it in half. Meaning if you tend to do light coverage foundation using a brush on a daily basis, use a tinted moisturizer that you can quickly apply with your fingers. This creates a faster routine with less products to pack (especially if you plan to do carry-on).



Makeup primers will stand the test of summer heat, as well as long days of travel when you don’t have time for touch-ups during the day. A matte face primer can be applied underneath foundation to increase longevity, and an eyeshadow primer will help mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow stay in place.



Layering products helps lock in the color all day long, especially if one part of your makeup tends to fade first (such as your blush wearing off easily). Use a liquid or cream as the first layer, then use a powder on top to lock it in. Think liquid foundation first and then a setting powder, cream blush followed by powder blush, cream eyeshadow with a powder shadow on top. Apply your makeup using a lighted magnified mirror so you can perfectly blend the layers together for a seamless look.



Even if you don’t plan to jump in the water during your vacation, waterproof formulas help keep makeup from smudging, running and migrating during heat and humidity. Think beyond waterproof mascara, such as waterproof formulas for eyeliner, cream eyeshadow, and even face makeup including waterproof foundation and concealer.  



After you apply your makeup, the last step is to set your work of art with a light mist of makeup setting spray. Pick a setting spray depending on your skin type, where oily skin types will work best with a mattifying spray, while dry skin can still use a glowing makeup spray even in the summer. Then take a travel sized makeup spray in your handbag with a lighted travel mirror to refresh your makeup while on-the-go during vacation.